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All About Libra

All about Libra Libra is the seventh astrological sign meaning it is associated with the seventh house and originates from the constellation of Libra. In terms of astrology, Libra is considered a masculine and positive sign. Libra is also considered to be an air sign and is one of the four cardinal signs— Aries, Cancer […]

The Most Common Personality Traits of a Libra

Positive Traits Like the other astrological signs, Libra has both positive and negative personality traits. However, the fact that the zodiac symbol for Libra is a scale denotes the potential for balance. This means they will never judge a person unless they know everything that is going on with a situation and even the person’s […]

Challenges of living with a libra

Living with a Libra can present enormous challenges, especially when you take into context the fact they are vain, attention grabbers and prone to jealousy. These traits can create even greater problems in a Libra/Libra relationship where both parties possess the same strong traits. This doesn’t mean anyone who lives with a Libra is going […]

What to Expect in Your Relationship with a Libra

One of the first thing a person will notice when they enter into a relationship with a Libra is they are very loving and affectionate. They are also very demonstrative about their feelings and don’t care who knows it. They are also very kind in general though they can put up a good argument if […]

Positive and Negative Libra Personality Traits

No matter what sign you may be there is always the need for a balance between the positive and negative traits. The difference with Libras is the strength of the negative traits while not outweighing the positive ones certainly creates a challenge with which you must deal. For example, while they are very nice people […]

What Signs Are Compatible with Libra?

The most compatible relationship for a Libra is another Libra. This is in part due to the fact that Libras are very affectionate people and have no problem showing it. Since Libras are materialistic and enjoy expensive things, this type of relationship is likely to consist of romantic movies, expensive dinners, and lavish vacations on […]

Keep Your Libra Partner Interested

So you did it and finally snagged that hot Libra guy you’ve had your eyes on for a while now. Well don’t get too excited yet because it doesn’t stop there. To get a Libra guy’s attention and get him to talk to you is one thing. To have him keep seeing you after your […]

How to meet a Libra Man

So the stars have convinced you that a happy and romantic future is possible if you’re with a Libra lover; because Libran’s are beautiful, caring, very sexual people (among other things). And now you’ve prepped up for the meeting; found out what a Libran want, how to catch their attention and what type of food […]

Sex with a Libra Woman

So your dating a libra woman? Well this is a resource you will want to print out and keep hidden in your little black book. First and foremost you must understand what makes a libra woman tick, and surprisingly that is attention to detail. In a perfect world she would enter the bedroom, in perfect […]

Make your Relationship Compatible With A libra

First off, what signs are least compatible with a Libra? If you’re a Virgo, a Capricorn, an Aries, or a Cancer, you might find entering into a relationship with a Libra a bit challenging. If you’re a Pisces or a Taurus, you have a 50-50 chance of making it. The best signs to match with […]

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