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How to Seduce a Libra Man

How to Seduce a Libra Man Got your eye on a certain Libra guy? Get out the beauty tools…you’ll need them! While it may sound superficial, Libra dudes automatically seek out aesthetically-pleasing girls. You don’t necessarily have to be born with classic good looks or have the bone structure of a supermodel. Merely being well-groomed, […]

5 ways to attract a libra woman

Five Ways to Attract a Libra Woman Female Librans are sensitive creatures. Trying to attract one requires utmost precaution with words, gestures, and looks. But they’re also highly appreciative and grateful, so you’re sure to be rewarded for your efforts when you do pursue a Libran girl.Here are five tried-and-tested ways to attract the Libra […]

5 ways to attract a libra man

A Libra man can be often seen in the middle of an adoring crowd. That’s not surprising because they can be the most charming people you’ll ever meet. That and they are usually a good looking bunch. Why not, when they are ruled by the planet Venus; the planet associated with the goddess of love […]

How to Seduce a Libra Woman

I guess now you’ve finally decided to take flirting with the Libra woman to a higher level. Well then, we should go straight to the point and send you on your merry way. Simply put, you need to know what makes a Libra woman, a Libra woman. So you have to have answers to these […]

Best and Worst Careers for a Libra

Libras know the value of money well and what it can buy, but that doesn’t mean they are always happy in a top-dollar job. However, the Libra’s attention to detail, sensitivity, fairness, and charm give him various options in choosing a career. His options may be narrowed down into two categories: the visual arts and […]

Libras and Relationships

Of all the signs in the zodiac, Libra is the most finely fixed upon finding the perfect relationship. Loving is the Libra’s way of life, where he is in constant search for the one relationship where love and its appreciation can be given and received simultaneously.  If you find yourself in the arms of a […]

Most compatible sign with a Libra Female

What Sign is Most Compatible with a Libra Female? Although the Libra is the perfect candidate for a fulfilling relationship because of her constant search for love, not all pairings end up like the perfect couple on a wedding cake. The Libra female’s criteria for the perfect relationship rest on a balance; she neither wants […]

Living with a Libra

Are you living with a Libra or planning on living with a Libra? You need to read this 😉 Living with a Libra in the house can be a confusing experience. Most of the time, it’s just like weighing with scales. One side is often dipping too low, and sometimes it’s the other end that’s […]

Libra personality Traits

The seventh of zodiac sun signs, Libra is ruled by the planet Venus. Venus in mythology is the Goddess of beauty and love. Naturally, being under that zodiac, Librans is concerned about relationships as well as the arts. It is also the only sign that does not associate itself with a human or an animal. […]

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