Archive: January, 2011

What Is It Like to be Psychic?

Being psychic can be very scary, especially to those who possess the “gift.” In many cases they find out by accident yet they are unable to begin to perceive why they were able to perceive something happening before it happened—or at least before anyone else became aware of it. What happens to those who are […]

Making Your Relationship with a Capricorn Succeed

In order to make your relationship with a Capricorn succeed, you must understand their entire personality and the way their sign rules them. Capricorns are very ambitious, so you must be willing to support their need to become wealthy, successful and in control of their financial future. Achieving success will not stop a Capricorn from […]

5 ways to attract a scorpio man

5 Ways to Attract a Scorpio Man The Scorpio male is well known because of his intensity, passion and the inherent need to be love. It is for these reasons that any woman who becomes involved with a Scorpio man will find the experience to be an intensely deep and memorable experience. The romance that […]

5 ways to attract a scorpio woman

5 Ways to Attract a Scorpio Woman Before you can begin attempting to attract a Scorpio female you have to understand that she is a very intense, private and passionate being who does not have any inhibitions. These are only some of the reasons those with experience will tell you that you can never truly […]

Challenges of living with a libra

Living with a Libra can present enormous challenges, especially when you take into context the fact they are vain, attention grabbers and prone to jealousy. These traits can create even greater problems in a Libra/Libra relationship where both parties possess the same strong traits. This doesn’t mean anyone who lives with a Libra is going […]

Types of Psychic Abilities

Having psychic ability goes beyond simply being able to help police find missing persons or know what is going to happen to your twin brother or sister in another state. There are several different psychic abilities that a person with this sixth sense may possess—some may actually possess more than one but have chosen to […]

The Best Way to Handle a Capricorn Man

One of the first things you must learn is a Capricorn is very ambitious and driven. This means his goals of success will come ahead of everything—sometimes even family and friends. Do not expect you will be able to change him but rather support him in everything he does. Provide guidance and suggestions to help […]

What to Expect in Your Relationship with a Libra

One of the first thing a person will notice when they enter into a relationship with a Libra is they are very loving and affectionate. They are also very demonstrative about their feelings and don’t care who knows it. They are also very kind in general though they can put up a good argument if […]

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