Astrological and Mythological Composition of Scorpio

Scorpio is the eighth astrological sign in the Zodiac, and most modern astrologists consider it to be a feminine or negative sign. Its origination is said to be from the constellation of Scorpius. Scorpio is a water sign, one of the four fixed signs—the others are fire, earth and air. It was previously believed that […]

Scorpio is the eighth astrological sign in the Zodiac, and most modern astrologists consider it to be a feminine or negative sign. Its origination is said to be from the constellation of Scorpius. Scorpio is a water sign, one of the four fixed signs—the others are fire, earth and air. It was previously believed that the planet Mars ruled Scorpio, but since the discovery of the planet Pluto, astrologists have begun to consider this smaller planet as the primary ruler of Scorpio and Mars a co-ruler. Scorpio’s placement as the eighth sign in the zodiac means it is in the eighth astrological house. The symbol of Scorpio represents either the venomous tail of the Scorpion or the claw of a wolf.

Individuals born under the sign of Scorpio are extremely powerful. There are several zodiacs that contribute to the astrological chart, and each has a unique function. Under the tropical zodiac the Sun is a part of Scorpio between October 23rd and November 22nd but under the sidereal zodiac the dates are November 16th through December 15th. Scorpio is called Vṛścika in Sanskrit but since Hindu astrology uses the Sidereal Zodiac instead of the Tropical Zodiac, the Hindu “Scorpio” is actually Sagittarius in the West and likewise Scorpios born in the West would be “Libras” in Hindu astrology. You will sometimes see Scorpio represented by either an eagle or phoenix instead of the traditional scorpion.

Scorpio Compatibility

The belief is that Scorpios are compatible with both Cancer and Pisces which are also water signs as well as Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn which are earth signs. Even though Leo and Aquarius are considered masculine signs, they are partly compatible with Scorpio because they are also fixed signs.

There are many different astrological factors that determine compatibility such as birth dates, the month of birth, the year of an individual’s birth, the position of the person’s sign with the Moon and Stars at the time of the birth and many more. The signs that are considered compatible with Scorpio are no reflective of any individual’s profile or reading but rather are general guidelines with astrological interpretation of compatibility based as variables such as Qualities and Elements within the Zodiac. There is a branch of astrology that deals with interpersonal compatibilities called Synastry.


According to Greek Mythology the myths that are associated with Scorpio also refer to Orion. What is confusing here is there are two contrasting stories relating to Orion. In one tale Orion was defined as a Cyclops, and was a great hunter albeit very modest about his extraordinary skill. The tale goes on to say he fell in love with a princess on one of the islands he was passing, but her father refused to let her go. His determination in keeping Orion away from his daughter caused him to blind Orion in order to prevent him from showing the woman his extraordinary hunting skills. He traveled to the Sun which provided healing for his eye but instead of attempting to pursue the king and retaliate for what he did, Orion continued to pursue his hunting. He became very good friends with Artemis who was pleased with Orion’s modesty and hunting skills. Her brother, Apollo, was jealous of the friendship and sent a harsh scorpion to attack Orion on his heel. Artemis was furious with her brother, killed the scorpion and threatened to cause ruination to his beloved city of Delphi if he did not apologize which he reluctantly did. It was at this time according to the tale that Zeus believed Orion should be put in the stars allowing the scorpion to always chase him. Accordingly, this is the reason you will see the constellation Orion in the winter running away from the constellation of Scorpio when it makes its arrival in the summer.

This is certainly not the only tale involving these two with one of the myths indicating that Orion boasted to the goddess Artemis and her mother, Leto that he would kill every living animal on earth. In spite of the fact that Artemis was a hunter herself she provided protection all of the animals while her mother sent a scorpion to take care of Orion. The tale continues to say that Orion and the scorpion battled with the scorpion winning the battle and killing Orion. The contest caught the attention of Zeus, the king of the gods who decided the scorpion belonged in heaven. Later Artemis requested that he do the same for Orion in order to remind mortals of the need to curb their excessive pride, and Zeus complied with her wishes.

There is a third myth that says Scorpio was a friend of Taurus, the bull. The myth further states that Orion hunted and killed Taurus. In order to avenge the death of his friend, Scorpio continually stung Orion until he died but was crushed beneath the weight of Orion’s feet as he thrashed about while he was dying from the Scorpion’s stings. Zeus raised all three into heaven so that everyone on earth would remember their story.

There are likely to be other stories as well, but these are the three most common ones concerning the relationship between Scorpio and Orion. The stories are likely to vary even between Greek and Roman mythology, but the reality is they are interesting and exciting tales to pass from generation to generation. It is also exciting to read about the legend and mythology that surrounds each astrological sign in the zodiac. It remains to be seen how the tales will change in the future as we now face the discovery of a 13th zodiac sign and changes among the dates for those signs that have been in existence for centuries. There is no doubt however, that this change in the zodiac will certainly have an impact on the personality traits of each of those astrological signs and may even affect those now in existence even though they are only supposed to affect those born in 2009 or later.

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