The Most Common Personality Traits of a Scorpio

One of the most important things for anyone to keep in mind is that each of the astrological signs is compatible with specific ones for a specific reason. Scorpio is a Fixed Water Sign that was originally ruled primarily by Mars. However, following the discovery of Pluto, this small planet became the ruler of Scorpio […]

One of the most important things for anyone to keep in mind is that each of the astrological signs is compatible with specific ones for a specific reason. Scorpio is a Fixed Water Sign that was originally ruled primarily by Mars. However, following the discovery of Pluto, this small planet became the ruler of Scorpio with Mars assuming the role as a co-ruler. The personality traits of Scorpios are actually ruled interchangeably by both planets, especially since Pluto suffered a recent downgrade from a full-blown planet to “dwarf planet” status. As the eighth sign of the zodiac, you can expect the Scorpio to be intense, intuitive, complex and determined. This individual will give life everything he has, for better or worse.

Of all the astrological signs in the zodiac, it is highly likely that the Scorpio is the easiest to recognize. This is because they have impeccable mental focus, are very direct and possess critical assessment. What this means is you never ask a Scorpio any question to which you do want the absolute truth. This sign will not hesitate to provide you with the absolute truth without any sugar-coating even when a little white lie might prevent someone from being hurt. For instance, you don’t ask a Scorpio if he thinks you look good in a certain outfit unless you want to hear the absolute truth: if he thinks you look fat in it, he will tell you so bluntly. Unfortunately
Scorpios tendency to be so blunt is not a quality that endears him to the other signs that see him as extremely critical, even to the point of causing hurt feelings.

While Scorpio may be very blunt and highly critical, this can also go in your favor as well because if a Scorpio compliments you, you can be certain there is no sugar-coating and that he means what he says. This is a sign that only gives you compliments when he truly believes you deserve them, so if you are friends or romantically involved with a Scorpio you should not look for him to compliment you just to make you feel good because it will never happen. While there are some signs that may choose to tell their mate they look good in a new outfit or hairstyle because they feel that is what they are expected to do, Scorpio will never adhere to any such
foolish customs. Even though the Scorpio is able to perform well in all social and work situations, he feels more comfortable if he is alone or with a small group of family or friends. You will never find a Scorpio seeking the company of others because he doesn’t feel the need to be outwardly social. It is also very rare for Scorpio to seek answers to questions from those around him, whether family, friends or co-workers—he prefers to find the answers he needs by researching on his own. Scorpions are self-reliant, and the fact that they prefer to seek answers on there is proof of that. The only time you might find a Scorpio asking a question is because he is unable to locate the answer on his own, and then he is more likely to ask you where he can find the answer than to actually ask you to provide the answer for him.

If you work closely with a Scorpio you are likely to discover he is the one who has an office with odd decorations and either no chairs for visitors or one that is hidden from view. Scorpios consider gossip a waste of time and energy, so you will never find this sign hovering around the water cooler trying to find the latest gossip in the office. Unfortunately this trait often makes other people in the office to feel he is anti-social and unfriendly which makes them feel uncomfortable when they are around him even though he feels these relationships are quite adequate for his needs. Managers and supervisors are drawn to Scorpios because these individuals are low-maintenance and very productive workers who have no problems focusing on the task currently in front of them. There are very few people in the workplace who are able to work extremely closely with Scorpios but those who manage to get past his strong exterior shell find he is highly useful and will often confide personal issues with him because they know he will be totally honest. While he doesn’t appear very emotional or compassionate when you first meet him, you can be sure your Scorpio co-worker will be the first person to initiate a fund drive to help another employee who has run into some financial pitfalls, and he will do so anonymously to avoid attention.

Whether you are in a friendship or romantic relationship with a Scorpio, you will find him intelligent and interesting with an abundance of intuition. His highly critical nature may sometimes be irritating—and even hurtful—but you should overlook this and accept the fact that you can count of him to provide an honest assessment. On the other hand don’t expect him to provide any sympathy because he will tell you to just pick yourself back up and move forward to the next step. Of course, if you are truly experiencing some real trouble he will be more than happy to sympathize with you and help you find the resources you need to solve your problem— this is quite often in an unconventional way. Keep in mind, however, that if you ever cross a Scorpio, he will more than likely walk away for life. If you are one of the fortunate ones who doesn’t lose your Scorpio’s friendship, you can be certainly he will find a way to get even with you for any wrongdoing before he will be friends with you again. As long as you stay on the good side of Scorpio, he will be one of the loyal, intuitive, intelligent and helpful friends you can ever want.

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