Tomorrow's Horoscopes

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  • Aries Aries

    A Solar Eclipse in your solar sector of escapism and invisibility could encourage you to withdraw and enjoy some 'you time' by doing so. The only difference on this occasion is a revelation or epiphany can come from doing so. A dream or fantasy could be more feasible than you believed it to be. It might just take detaching yourself from the world for something to 'click'.

  • Taurus Taurus

    Today's Solar Eclipse occurs in your solar sector of friendships and networking. Whom you share social pleasures with looks set to alter and opportunities to form at least one new and potentially lifelong bond exist. So, get yourself out and about. Make yourself available. You could be surprised in a very delightful way at what connections get made.

  • Gemini Gemini

    With a Solar Eclipse taking place in your sector of career and ambitions, an opportunity to commence something new on the job front could present itself. With the Eclipse occurring in sensitive and imaginative Pisces, you could feel drawn toward a new role requiring sensitivity or compassion. It's also possible you can turn a creative talent into a full-time profession!

  • Cancer Cancer

    Today's Solar Eclipse occurs in your sector of mind-broadening and big ideas. If you feel yourself drawn toward education, academia or even a night school course, don't ignore ways you might feel pushed to gain more knowledge or understanding. Feeding your brain with new information can help you and others. The urge to share what you learn could be too strong to control!

  • Leo Leo

    With a Solar Eclipse in your sector of sharing and other peoples' money, events could have strong financial emphasis. A resolution is starred and a financial arrangement could be reached. Interestingly, the same sector governs intimacy. For Lions seeking enhanced physical pleasure, something between you and a certain person might never be same again for all the right reasons!

  • Virgo Virgo

    Today's Solar Eclipse occurs in your sector of committing and relating and is accompanied by an opportunity too good to miss. A new partnership can be formed or an existing one can be taken to a new level. In any case, collaboration is about to become stronger between you and a certain person or possibly an organization. You will have reasons to look back at this period fondly!

  • Libra Libra

    If a new year fitness regime has been delayed, then today's Solar Eclipse in your solar sector of self-improvement could provide the equivalent of a celestial boot aimed at your posterior. If you're a Libran who believes they personify all things fit and healthy, then perhaps it's a change in career that has you feeling motivated. If so, then a perfect opportunity could present itself.

  • Scorpio Scorpio

    A fantastic and supportive Solar Eclipse occurs in your sector of love, romance and creativity and love could be all around regardless of your relationship status. For many Scorpions, a child could feature in a prominent way or a shared, creative project could inspire you and possibly someone else. This could be a time you look back on as one when 'that' commenced or was launched.

  • Sagittarius Sagittarius

    A strong shift in focus commences on home, family and those you share your abode with due to a Solar Eclipse in your sector of domesticity. A pleasing development is indicated involving your home or possibly a family member. It's possible a change to your living environment might bring a smile to your face. Either way, tension and uncertainty are about to be replaced with reassurance.

  • Capricorn Capricorn

    If you've been postponing a plan to express yourself, perhaps due to being unsure about what to say, how to say it or if your message will connect and resonate with those on the receiving end of it, then today's Solar Eclipse could change that. You have something helpful and valuable to say or convey. An idea that presents itself now is no pipe dream. It's real and deserves nurturing and progressing.

  • Aquarius Aquarius

    A Solar Eclipse occurs today in your sector of earnings and self-worth. Are your time and talents not appreciated in your current job or do you aspire to make use of a talent to boost your bank balance? It's possible an opportunity to do either or both could present itself. A new financial arrangement connected with earnings is on the cards and, in many ways, couldn't be timelier!

  • Pisces Pisces

    Today's Solar Eclipse holds the most significance for you. A fantastic fresh start or new beginning is on offer but to make the most of this wonderful cosmic development, your faith levels in terms of what you can achieve if only given the chance need to be higher. See this powerful influence as a cosmic dare to 'think big'. Aiming your sights a bit higher will bring a much more impressive result now.