Love and Romantic Horoscope

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  • Aries Aries Romance Horoscope - Wednesday, August 12 2020

    This week, you could leave a loved one in no doubt about what inspires you about the future. But if you have a long-term vision you're determined to make happen, then put the one you love in the picture about where you want to be or what you're keen to accomplish. Guard against making plans that you know suit you in the belief they'll automatically suit a lover or partner. You might not intend for your words or actions to sound or appear selfish, but that's how both could be interpreted.Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Taurus Taurus Romance Horoscope - Wednesday, August 12 2020

    From this week until September 6th, Venus influences your thought processes and the way you communicate. Conveying yourself romantically and affectionately could be noticeably easier. But Venus's influence could be helpful if any tension has existed in conversations or exchanges with the one you love recently. If your words have been barbed or you've come across as unintentionally 'holier than thou,' then dialogue with the one you love could be noticeably more lighthearted and sweeter.Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Gemini Gemini Romance Horoscope - Wednesday, August 12 2020

    It could be a perceived imbalance on your part within a love relationship that is a source of frustration this week. Whether you believe the one you love deliberately withholds information or is possibly waiting for the right time to reveal it, you could feel as if you have to put pieces of a proverbial puzzle together. Rather than feel powerless, instigate an open conversation about this inequality. Single? Setting your sights too high where a potential paramour is concerned could push away somebody who could secretly tick so many boxes.Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Cancer Cancer Romance Horoscope - Wednesday, August 12 2020

    Events this week could make you feel noticeably more subservient or inferior when it comes to matters of the heart. Whether this is due to you believing any effort you make simply isn't good enough for the one you love, or a potential paramour believes they're in a position to write the Rule Book, you could feel slighted, to say the least. Trust your heart's intuition to nip this potentially toxic situation in the bud. An unhelpful precedent created this week could be difficult to alter or remove later.Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Leo Leo Romance Horoscope - Wednesday, August 12 2020

    The one you love could have intriguing insights or suggestions surrounding ways to make career-related progress this week. Don't convince yourself that only you know what's best for you, where taking necessary and timely professional steps is concerned. You could have more than one reason to explore new options, so give your lover or someone close the listening ear they ask for. You look set to be glad you did.Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Virgo Virgo Romance Horoscope - Wednesday, August 12 2020

    Doing what feels right to you this week could send out mixed or confusing signals to a lover or potential paramour. You may be keen to pursue an interest close to your heart alone or step back from a love connection to reacquaint yourself with yourself. While it could be clear to anyone observing, especially your sweetheart, that you prefer your own company, it may be necessary to replenish your emotional and physical reserves. If applying focus to a bit more self-care and self-love helps with this, then treat yourself.Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Libra Libra Romance Horoscope - Wednesday, August 12 2020

    Whether you're single or attached, you could find yourself in conversations that seem transparent on one level but could be considerably deeper on another. If you're single, then it may be necessary to talk about something mundane or even businesslike with a particular person. But you know you've got other things on your mind. If you're attached, then one topic could intrigue you or captivate your imagination but may also soon come to a halt. If you sense that something said innocuously could have a deeper meaning, then you're probably right.Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Scorpio Scorpio Romance Horoscope - Wednesday, August 12 2020

    Push that Scorpion stubbornness aside if a loved one or potential flame urges you to consider broadening your mind in some way. Whether this involves taking a course or expanding your knowledge about a topic that intrigues you, don't make it clear that you'll only pursue it if the idea is yours. Someone close to you has faith in your ability to impress yourself and others with what you can achieve. Try to boost your faith levels similarly. Hear them out.Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Sagittarius Sagittarius Romance Horoscope - Wednesday, August 12 2020

    A decision to improve your well-being is yours. But that doesn't mean a lover or someone close can't offer insights. They don't intend to tread on your toes by thinking they know what's best for you. But they may be aware of options you haven't explored or pursued that could make you feel more buoyant, lighthearted, and rejuvenated. Whether this involves more physical activity or kicking an unhealthy habit, it's unlikely your sweetheart isn't telling you something you don't already know. So, don't ignore or dismiss their supportive offerings.Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Capricorn Capricorn Romance Horoscope - Wednesday, August 12 2020

    If there's something that irks you about a lover or someone you have your eye on, then don't think they haven't spotted this. Chances are, you haven't raised this topic because you're aware of how they could respond by highlighting annoying habits or traits you possess. But if the discussion is had on either side, then it is possible for it to be taken into lighthearted territory, rather than become something intensely serious or confrontational.Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Aquarius Aquarius Romance Horoscope - Wednesday, August 12 2020

    That protective barrier around your heart could continue to be a problem within your love life or a special connection. You're bound to be aware that you have it, and it could be underpinned by the scar of a painful episode in your past. You may have been hurt then or possibly recently. But that doesn't mean another unpleasant scenario waits around the corner to pounce. It really is time to let the drawbridge down. Focus on building bridges rather than building or strengthening walls.Ask 1 free Psychic Question

  • Pisces Pisces Romance Horoscope - Wednesday, August 12 2020

    When you were younger, there may have been something amusing and even thrilling about the way a friend would tell somebody that you 'had the hots' for them. But you've learned so much about how to make intentions or needs clear, and certainly don't need anybody stepping in to assist you now. That's why it's important that you choose your confidantes carefully this week. Whether it's done unintentionally or spitefully, matters of the heart could become awkward and complicated due to somebody's interference.Ask 1 free Psychic Question