Yesterdays's Horoscopes

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  • Aries Aries Horoscope for Yesterday

    Somebody needs to know that you 'mean business.' But your idea of making clear why something is important to you or why their cooperation would be gratefully received could be what's causing a delay or hampering your progress. You're right to clarify your keenness. But try not to appear too keen - and that means being even a tiny bit aggressive.

  • Taurus Taurus Horoscope for Yesterday

    Even if we're unaware of how we overthink something, we can convince ourselves that the amount of excessive thought we give means we're 'on the case' or busy in the right ways. But our brains aren't wired to feel pain. The only thing they can do to indicate when enough thought has become enough is provide a headache! A break from overthinking a matter would do you good now.

  • Gemini Gemini Horoscope for Yesterday

    I know I'm not alone with experiencing plants growing wonderfully without one minute's attention while others that receive constant focus wither and die. Similarly, something in your world has been able to flourish without ongoing effort and attention from you. Now that the 'roots' are more deeply embedded, you're in a superb position to help it grow more in strength – or succeed.

  • Cancer Cancer Horoscope for Yesterday

    When we experience a fantastic development, we can often believe it's due to unseen, cosmic forces deciding to work on our behalf and give us a break. The fact that you're reading a horoscope suggests that you have faith in such things happening. But the universe is humble enough to accept when someone's efforts have played a more significant part. That applies to you now.

  • Leo Leo Horoscope for Yesterday

    Removing a source of discomfort from your world could be less uncomfortable than you think. If it's a person causing a problem, then one conversation could confirm that the issue is seen mutually. If particular circumstances are a bone of contention, then you could discover you have an option available to improve them swiftly. Either way, a problem is about to become short-lived.

  • Virgo Virgo Horoscope for Yesterday

    Giving considerable thought to a specific matter is fine if you want it to continue looping in your mind for a while longer. There could be something comforting about allowing it to do so. But your intuition could ask what you're doing. It could wonder why you don't simply listen to and trust what it says. You probably know you'll do so eventually. Why not do it now?

  • Libra Libra Horoscope for Yesterday

    This is a time to know your limitations, accept certain restrictions, and understand the benefits of boundaries. Given the sense of urgency you believe exists with a specific plan, you could feel that limitations don't apply, restrictions can be ignored, and boundaries should be pushed. That's how you'll add significantly to stress levels. Succumb, even briefly, to patience in ways you're urged to.

  • Scorpio Scorpio Horoscope for Yesterday

    A particular decision doesn't need to be drawn out. Understandably, you could believe that something you see as far-reaching needs plenty of attention and fuss. But we've all been in situations where we push aside 'what ifs' and simply take a bold step in a specific direction. Doing so now isn't reckless. It could be exactly what's needed.

  • Sagittarius Sagittarius Horoscope for Yesterday

    Don't convince yourself that you've missed the proverbial boat or an opportunity has slipped through your fingers. Neither should you convince yourself that a particular action you're considering is one you should have taken long ago. In more than one way, time is on your side - or ideal - to do what you've weighed up the benefits of. Allow that knowledge to reduce pressure and increase clarity.

  • Capricorn Capricorn Horoscope for Yesterday

    'And that's how it is done.' Those words are often said by a confident individual who has accomplished something impressive. You could have reasons to justify an air of superiority now. You make something look easy, and nobody can deny the above-average result you've achieved. Humility is a very endearing trait, but you can afford to bask deservingly in praise.

  • Aquarius Aquarius Horoscope for Yesterday

    There's an old saying that involves looking at a certain type of horse in the mouth. We know the saying to mean it's unwise or inappropriate to question something that has been given to us as a gesture of goodwill. But when we receive something that's admittedly welcome out of the blue, we're naturally suspicious of it. Try not to see the universe's gift to you in such a way!

  • Pisces Pisces Horoscope for Yesterday

    Although there's probably nothing wrong with the way you're pursuing something, it's worth considering another option. You probably won't have to look too hard to identify this, either. It needn't disrupt what you're doing currently. If anything, it can double your chances of success. But the only respect it should be given is not to be seen as a shortcut or 'quick fix' to success.