Sex and the Sagittarius - The Seduction Guide

When it comes to sex, you will find Sagittarius a very willing and expert lover. If you’re looking for adventure and spontaneity, you are definitely on the right side of the street if you choose Sagittarius. They seek thrills and nothing is too wild and out of the ordinary for them especially when it comes to sex. If you are the kind of person who enjoys routine and mundane sexual acts without any kind of diversion, you definitely do not want to think about sex with a Sagittarius because they will become bored quickly and will begin seeking pleasure elsewhere. The Sagittarius needs experiences that are new and exciting, and if you are not able to provide the right stimulation, they will not hesitate to find someone who can.

Sagittarius is not fiery when it comes to lovemaking. They much prefer a smoldering and seductive approach. They enjoy taking their time and making sure their partner is fully satisfied. Their technique is skillful, generous and thoughtful with a desire to fulfill your wildest dreams and fantasies—and they have the ability to fulfill both their desires and yours. The Archer is a very attentive lover who enjoys nothing better than to pamper his sexual partner. In return for the attention Sagittarius bestows upon his lover, he expects the same level of attention in return. While they certainly understand the importance of giving, he also expects something in return. If you fail to meet him on his level, he will quickly lose interest and move on to someone who is more willing to shower him with attention.

In order to sexually attract a Sagittarius, you need to take it slowly by learning to be a friend first. You will not interest a Sagittarius in you sexually if you begin by flirting and attempting to show them you are interested in sex—this is a turn off for Sagittarius. Interesting your Sagittarius in dates that are exciting, adventurous and involve the great outdoors will give you just the edge you need to hook the Sagittarius of your dreams.

Another very important thing to remember is you have to expect things to move slowly because Sagittarians enjoy the journey more than arriving at the destination. This is due in part to the fact that Sagittarians have a very difficult time committing to a long-term or permanent relationship, so you don’t want to come on too strong if you are really interested in hooking the Sagittarius of your dreams—if they sense you are attempting to make them commit, they will run as far away from you as possible.

Sagittarians enjoy their freedom and refused to be chained down. Even if you capture their heart, it will be impossible to put them on a leash. They also bore very easily, so you must learn to do things that will keep him interested—this means learning to be flexible, spontaneous and most importantly, adaptable. Finally, it is important to be honest and straightforward; do not try to fool a Sagittarius because you will not succeed for long.

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