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Sagittarius And Scorpio Compatibility

General Compatibility:

Here's another difficult match. Generally these two have a lot of things in common but equally a lot of things different. Scorpio's are somewhat mysterious. This draws a Sagittarius because he loves challenges and solving puzzles. There's a big chance that the Sagittarius and Scorpio would meet in a function or a gathering of a common interest like a hobby or a profession that involves a lot of creativity. Think music, arts, entertainment and the likes. A Sagittarius likes to talk while the other likes to keep quiet. This attitude could earn suspicion or jealousy from the Archer even though there's nothing to worry about. On the other hand, the Scorpion has a very small patience so when this person hears anything blunt or tactless from Sagittarius, Scorpio will bite back with sarcasm. This is a big problem because they're like a big fight waiting to happen. The Scorpio also loves privacy while a Sagittarian couldn't care less. Financially, a Scorpio is tighter and prudent so a Sagittarian might end up criticizing its penny-pinching attitude since he, at times, can throw away his paycheck as he pleases. They can be together and have fun but normally a Scorpio is left with the responsibilities in the end. Alternatively, the Jupiter ruled Sagittarius is friendly and nurturing while the Pluto governed Scorpio has compassion for everyone and are protective of their loved ones.

Romantic Compatibility:

Scorpios will adore how the Sagittarians will treat them. The archer will go through all the trouble of writing love notes, making long phone calls, planning small surprises on a normal day and even carving their names on the bark of a tree. These, however, can just be a play thing for Sagittarius as they are normally flirty and mischievous. A Scorpion tends to get overwhelmed by all this and get carried away. These people are more serious when it comes to relationships. The want commitment and loyalty, whereas a Sagittarius would always look for options since they feel they are desirable and sexy people. A Scorpio must remember that the Archer sign cannot be chained and restricted. What they need is to find a common ground where they can build and base their relationship on and work from there. Once they do over come differences, it will be a start of something good. A Scorpio shows a lot of love and devotion to its partner. As long as they come to an understanding of showing each other's methods, the relationship between these two will be a harmonious one.

Sexual Compatibility:

A Scorpion's secretive and mysterious side is its own way of seduction. A sultry look here, an inscrutable smile there and the Sagittarius will fall for it hook, line and sinker. One night stands are highly possible but just be sure you both know where you stand. This water sign has a tendency to feel hurt and used after a while. This can be discouraging since Sagittarians are very playful and loves to play with fire. In bed the Scorpion gets even more demanding. They have a big appetite that needs to be filled constantly. A Sagittarius can keep up with this though so no harm in there.