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Sagittarius And Pisces Compatibility

General Compatibility:

An unlikely pair these two might seem, the Water sign and Fire sign can actually benefit from each other a lot. Both these signs are governed by Jupiter but Pisces is also partly governed by Neptune. Pisces gives Sagittarius the understanding the others can't. On the other hand, Sagittarius will tell Pisces what it wants to hear. Pisces, like water, it fills any container that can be filled. Generally, Pisces has a lot of patience for everyone so giving the same to a partner is not surprising. Pisces has very humble and down to earth goals like maybe helping out in their own little way to preserve the environment or helping the less fortunate people while Sagittarius like working on the bigger projects that they know will have bigger impact and much better results. Both mutable signs, neither of these two will feel the need to be in control of the relationship. They will help each other in ways that others can't. Sagittarius will help Pisces go see the bigger picture and the latter will help in paying attention to details essential to the partnership. This is a good example of providing each other with things they lack. The key is that these two goes into things with the understanding that they do not expect a lot from each other and are open to new things that might come along their way.

Romantic Compatibility:

If in work and friendship these two can see eye-to-eye. It might not be the same as when they start to take things to the next level. A Piscean is lively and social like a Sagittarian but it also only moves in a small circle of friends. A Sagittarian has a lot more because being very extroverted it likes moving in and out of different circles and groups. This can make a Piscean insecure and Sagittarians will run for the nearest exit if they see the slightest hint of neediness and if the partner starts being clingy. Pisceans on the other hand likes to think things through so it will also not do good to rush them in to things. Usually a Sagittarian will just look for friends with benefits with a Piscean but the Fish will not settle for this. They want a partner but being dependent and shy will bore the Archer that he will either leave or have things on the side. An affair or short flings is possible once they feel trapped in a relationship and Pisces will not put up with that. The main problem for this combination would be, 1)communication, and 2) dependence-independence issues. Over time both might just wish they haven't even gone in this relationship.

Sexual Compatibility:

Small things turn a Piscean on. A kiss on the back of the neck when least expected; a friendly foot rub; or making small circles on the palm is very erotic to them. A Piscean, however, will seduce people through their emotions. They will show empathy that the others can't, drawing the Sagittarian to them. The Fish will want to seduce the Archer because they're attracted to his openness and erotic ideas. Sex will be exciting between these two but it might just be that way until they both realize they want different things.