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Sagittarius And Aries Compatibility

General Compatibility:

Here's another perfect match. This time they are both Fire signs; one Mutable and the other Cardinal. Cardinal Fire Aries thinks of ideas and Mutable Fire Sagittarius will gladly go with the flow. Both love traveling, fun and adventure. They have a very high energy and enthusiasm for varied type of activities and are always up to using it. Outspoken and loud they can be very fun to hang out with and will always be the life of the party whether they are the one who organized it or not. Both get bored easily so they need the company of other people; new friends, new atmosphere, new activities. These two are both idealist and romantics. They love the drama and the world is their stage. In dealing with problems, the Archer that is governed by Jupiter is more philosophical while an Arian ruled by Mars will take things more passionately. One of the biggest things that this combination will not do well on, it's money. These two are impulsive and loves to spend so they should keep away from expensive stores or they won't be able to stop themselves from spending. In business though, these two will work quite harmoniously. There will be no competition since the Sagittarian does not mind the Aries taking the spot light. The Archer is content with staying in the background knowing they played a part in that success. The key though is to have others in the same group. Both are team players and work well with other people. They inspire not only each other but also the people around them.

Romantic Compatibility:

There's an instant attraction between the two because they have a lot of things in common. From here they can work on a more long term and serious bond. Both of them are flirty but between the two, the Arian gives more weight to loyalty and faithfulness. A Sagittarius is born to gamble when it comes to relationships. Even if he is in a committed relationship he will look for something more. This will be the biggest problem this couple will come across. Once they get over this though, they are in for a very harmonious relationship that could later on lead to marriage and raising a family. After a while the Archer will grow accustomed to the idea of a more long term set-up. The key is to come up with something that keeps each other interested specially the Sagittarian. They also need to work on taking more responsibilities; the Arian is easily the one who might be up for this but to be able for things to work out they should share what needs to be done and not just expect someone to clean up after themselves.

Sexual Compatibility:

As they are both flirty these two uses flattery to get sex. Not only can they be great friends, they can be even better lovers. Sex will actually be one of the reasons this couple will come back to one another. They match each other's stamina and appetite in the bedroom and even outside. They will come up with ideas to keep the fire burning.