Libras In Relationships

The basic Libra men characteristics are too good to be true to the point of us tagging it as surreal. Why? Because this type of men, though very flirtatious and charming by nature and could easily fall into the womanizer category, are actually very loyal to their partners once their mind and heart is set on pursuing someone. He blends well with any crowd since the crowd relentlessly love his mere presence. His broad intelligence and wit can win anyone over and would want to take him for keeps. But this is where the problem arises. Just because Libra men loves beauty and calm, in general, doesnt necessarily follow that any of the signs would do well and good living with a Libra man.

To make things light and appear easier, if you really wanted to be in that spotlight where the Libra man dwells most of his time, and really be a part of his life, you would want and need to be his friend first. Librans like the idea of knowing that they can trust a person and eventually build a firm foundation. Since they are great peace-makers, always wanting to play fair in any game and would always make sure that there will be no vulgarity or cruelty of any kind, they do expect these from their partners as well because it is the only way to really be at ease in their company.

Librans would have high expectations most of the time and though trying so hard to keep it all realistic, these expectations could flare up and lose control. To comprehend a Librans mind and temperament, it is a must to identify on which category The Player or The Partner -- he falls right into. And, of course, you have to know what kind of relationship you want to build with a Libra man so you would know exactly where your limits are and on which path you should draw that line. But this isnt always an easy task. On the other hand, you might fall into a trap when he shows you how caring and loyal he can be. They never appear to be clingy but one major fact about them is that they hate to be alone, much more, live alone. So even if you just plan on being just pals with a Libra male, a different form of attraction can take place especially if he keeps on just highlighting whats good in the relationship and disregarding the bad points.

They dislike injustice and violence while loving gentleness and all the finest things in life. When they are around people, even the biggest of crowds, they would enjoy the attention drawn to them but not because they like getting it but they are naturally sociable creatures who effortlessly get praised for their classy sophisticated nature. You might feel alienated at some point when with a Libra man, especially when in parties, but this is normal and you will get his attention back soon enough, just keep up with his pace (emotionally and intellectually) and things will run smoothly.