Libra and Virgo Compatibility

Librans and Virgos both have a deep capacity for communication. A long-term friendship is highly possible between these two signs, as they’re both known to value family and friends. But there’s a catch: no secret must be kept by Virgo from Libra, or else it will damage their relationship.

Virgos are efficient, organized people while Librans tend to be glamorous and stylish. A Virgo’s neatness will appeal greatly to a Libran’s need to be surrounded by orderliness. Once these two signs get to know each other through time, they are likely to develop mutual understanding and respect, as well as shared passion for collecting luxury items and eating good food and drinking fine wine.
Libra is a cardinal sign and Virgo is a mutable one. This means that Libra could play the role of the guide in their friendship with a Virgo, who tends to go with the flow. These two will not run out of things to talk about. Their similar interests in culture and the finer things in life will make them go along swimmingly as friends.


When it comes to love and romance, dating will more than likely be springboards for lengthy, heart-to-heart talks. This is a good start, but Virgo should take care not to over- analyze things, because it might put off Libra who prefers to see the bigger picture.

Candlelit dinners in fancy restaurants, mood music, and little tokens of affection punctuate romantic dates between a Libra and a Virgo. Libra can be dashing, thoughtful, and charming, which can sweep Virgo off their feet. But a Virgo’s need to dig deep into the core of things could irritate Libra. If Virgo gives in to their critical and fussy tendencies, they may as well wave goodbye to a potentially fruitful love relationship with a Libra. If they learn to curb it, they can work things out.

If Libra and Virgo decide to live together, expect Virgo to keep the household neat, organized, and running smoothly. Libra’s role would be to give their abode the luxuries and artful touches they can’t live without, such as flowers, crystal chandelier, and other expensive décor and gadgets. Their shared love for a serene home makes them relatively


Once Virgo feels the stirring of sex, they won’t beat around the bush. They’ll just go for it. Libra is more the “court me now and we’ll wait and see” type. If these two learn to compromise, their sex life can be quite fulfilling and satisfactory.
Their knack for communication can translate well in bed. Virgo can tell Libra exactly what they like, sexually. On the other hand, Libra’s charming ways and knack for pleasing people can further ignite passions. A potential downfall in these two signs’ sex life would be if Virgo becomes critical of their sex play, which can dampen a Libra’s libido faster than you can say “flaccid”.

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