Libra and Scorpio Compatibility

What’s readily apparent in a bond between a Libra and a Scorpio is their shared willingness to take risks on just about anything. These two both love adventure! So on that level, it’s hardly a boring friendship once Libra and Scorpio decide to be long-term pals. However, a Scorpio feels things deeper than a Libra, so there might be a problem when it comes to discussing details versus the bigger picture. Librans don’t like to be too involved in the nitty-gritty of things, while Scorpios can get bogged down in the finer points. Scorpio might mistake Libra’s easy-going take on issues for aloofness and accuse them of not taking Scorpio seriously. Furthermore, Libra is more open and frank, while Scorpio tends to brood and be secretive. Libra dislikes secrets, and this can cause tension between the two. A balancing of these traits through effective communication can spell out a promising friendship, though. Libra and Scorpio both value intellect and challenges, and they can take on very ambitious projects together…and more than likely see them succeed.


Libra and Scorpio have what it takes to make a romantic relationship spark in the beginning, given their mutual craving for intimacy. But Libra loves all the trappings of a courtship: flowers, wining and dining, and tokens of affection. Scorpio doesn’t like beating around the bush and is more of an all-or-nothing lover. They don’t like playing the waiting game. Scorpio also has the tendency to totally “envelop” people they are in a relationship with, which doesn’t jive with Libra’s desire to keep things light and breezy. There could be clashes as far as this is concerned, but compromising can always settle things. Libra can learn to get more involved with their relationship issues, and Scorpio can allow a bit of breathing space for both of them.
Libra being an Air sign and Scorpio being Water make these lovers a formidable couple in matters of intellect and emotion. They can take on just about anything once they decide to work as a team and not against each other.


Sensual Libra plus sexual Scorpio…you can just imagine the sparks flying in bed with these two! Scorpios’ intensity and passionate ways blend well with Libra’s craving for intimacy means an exciting sex life for both.
But Libra wants harmony above all else, while Scorpio can be quite fiery when it comes to matters of physical intimacy. The latter could insist on experimenting for the sake of physical and emotional connection, which Libra might not appreciate this as they dislike being dictated to. There may be days these two signs’ libidinal levels will not match, as Libra is more likely to be calm and mild-mannered, while Scorpio is burning with lust and the need for immediate sexual expression.
While sexual compatibility between diplomatic Libra and intense Scorpio would fare better than two hot-headed signs, the initial animal magnetism that draws them together could end up in disagreements in the future, if left unchecked.

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