Free Horoscope for November 09, 2018

  • Aries Aries - November 09, 2018

    You can take a tense edge off an awkward situation now. As much as you might be inclined to keep your distance, a word or two from you said in the right way in the right ear can bring a pleasing result. You can see what's unfair in a situation and what someone else is inclined to accept is right about it. You can bring something soothing and conciliatory to this scenario. A heartwarming transformation can occur if you do. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Taurus Taurus - November 09, 2018

    When we know something must change, we can sometimes allow frustration to push us to take drastic action. Perhaps, we believe that doing too much will at least result in us ending up in a positive 'worst case' scenario, or one that offers even a slight improvement. A big, dramatic change isn't needed where you might sense one is appropriate. It's a small, almost insignificant change that needs to be pursued faithfully and gradually. Proceed slowly. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Gemini Gemini - November 09, 2018

    There's always someone who has an opinion about what we choose to prioritize. This is usually because they have a vested interest in us putting their need or needs at the top of our list! Sure, you might not win a popularity prize from focusing your time and efforts on what you believe matters most to you. Perhaps, it's time to send a clear message to someone about how this has been overlooked recently. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Cancer Cancer - November 09, 2018

    Someone might have strong views about a change they're determined to make happen, even if this doesn't sit particularly well with you. However, it's important to accept how your best interests have been considered, even if it doesn't feel as if that's the case. Try to see how someone has tried to create balance as best they're able to, even if you think their decision is a bit too one-sided. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Leo Leo - November 09, 2018

    You might sense a commitment or arrangement has, so far, suited someone else more than it has you. Fortunately, you've been willing to invest time and effort to assist someone or further their cause because you can see the medium to long-term gain to you of doing so. However, coming events could confirm why it might be time to assess how to alter the arrangement, so it starts to suit you a bit more. This has more to do with creating balance than selfishness. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Virgo Virgo - November 09, 2018

    Playing the role of teacher or educator is likely to be focused on improving the way something is done currently. This might be seen as unusual or unorthodox, but you're aware of how a certain process has possibly become too comfortable. People need time to get to grips with new ways of doing something, so be prepared to apply plenty of patience. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Libra Libra - November 09, 2018

    We tend to prefer revelations to manifest loudly, proudly and brightly but some of the most amazing, delightful and far-reaching discoveries arrive subtly. The sky speaks of a discovery waiting in the shadows in the hope you'll examine it more closely. Allow yourself to be drawn to what appears almost insignificant. You'll soon discover what it offers. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Scorpio Scorpio - November 09, 2018

    Superheroes rarely hesitate to jump in front of innocent bystanders to save them from danger. The person saved either didn't know how they should react or were oblivious to why they needed rescuing. Although the sky doesn't speak of something so dramatic occurring in your world, it's important to accept why you might be pushed uncomfortably in a particular direction. It could be to save you from an unhelpful development looming on the horizon. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Sagittarius Sagittarius - November 09, 2018

    Strangely, we can become comfortable with what makes us feel uncomfortable. Similarly, you might feel prepared to accept something you would prefer not to have to accept. Perhaps you feel it would be best to learn to live with what you wish showed more signs of promise. Fortunately, your willingness to adapt is precisely what's needed for a situation to improve. Continue to leave it alone for a little while longer. You'll soon feel more comfortable with what's changing. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Capricorn Capricorn - November 09, 2018

    We can all recall numerous times when we ordered something based only on a picture and then discovered what we were presented with didn't resemble the picture at all. Food ordered in restaurants rarely appears as enticing as the colorful menu photo. Where your vision of the future is concerned, you needn't prime yourself for a reason to feel deflated or disappointed. If you focus on how you envisage it to be then you could discover what you receive is both pleasing and reassuring. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Aquarius Aquarius - November 09, 2018

    A glimmer of hope on offer now might be enough to encourage you to wonder what else might be possible with a modicum of effort. However, the saying about learning to walk before running comes to mind. So too does a need to be grateful for what you have rather than wanting more – at this time, anyway. Your desire to aim higher is admirable and understandable – but look closely at what motivates it. Your cosmic mission now involves consolidating something before pushing for more progress. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Pisces Pisces - November 09, 2018

    We're all wired to possess a 'fear of the unknown.' However, such fears can vanish quickly once we're armed with certain information or knowledge. Where you might have grown used to stepping delicately around an issue through not knowing enough about it, you look set to be reassured that what you don't know can't hurt you. As more information finds its way to you, you'll start to see a daunting situation in a more positive light. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

Sagittarius - The Archer (Nov 22 - Dec 21)


Sagittarius is the ninth astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the constellation of Sagittarius. In western astrology, the sign is now no longer aligned with the constellation as a result of the precession of the equinoxes. Sagittarius is considered a "masculine", positive (extrovert) sign. It is also considered a fire sign and one of the four mutable signs. Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter. Being the ninth sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius has been associated with the astrological ninth house.

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