Free Horoscope for May 17, 2018

  • Aries Aries - May 17, 2018

    It might be necessary to 'turn up the heat' where certain aspirations or ambitions are concerned. We know the benefits to leaving something we're cooking to simmer away for hours without reaching a boiling point, but something you long to achieve might need a bit more heat than what 'simmering' offers. It's time to move your efforts up a gear to make something happen. You'll like what this does in terms of accelerating the process and results. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Taurus Taurus - May 17, 2018

    You know 'your way' of doing something is 'the best way,' at least it is for you, anyway. Life would undoubtedly be simpler if you weren't encountering others who are convinced 'their way' is superior to yours. This difference of opinion can lead to unnecessary, tense scenarios and exchanges if you and someone who seems determined to hamper your progress choose to stand your ground. Take the high road. Rise above what you might feel determined to explain or justify. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Gemini Gemini - May 17, 2018

    Your mind could be prone to constantly changing at this time, especially with the inconsistent Moon in your sign. An answer or solution that appears to be 'the one' could soon be replaced by another. This would be less complicated if it only affected you, but your erratic approach could leave others rolling their eyes and scratching their heads. Be honest with them and make clear that you're considering options. Once you've finally settled on one, they'll be the first to know. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Cancer Cancer - May 17, 2018

    Daydreams about being transported from your current situation and into a new life could preoccupy your thoughts. The Gemini Moon could create restlessness that isn't connected with reality. However, there's no harm in dreaming about the future as long as you know you have no intention of trying to run with one fantastic and unrealistic vision and make it real. That doesn't mean other aspirations can't be achieved in time. Your future is unfolding before your eyes now. All you need to do is be honest about separating pipedreams from visions with potential. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Leo Leo - May 17, 2018

    You're keen to speak your mind and ensure others are very aware of your needs in particular ways. You might even feel exceptionally chatty as the verbose Gemini Moon influences friends, groups and the social scene. However, take care to keep your passionate dialogue to a minimum. There are limits to how willing someone people might be to hear you talk about the one subject you know best: you! Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Virgo Virgo - May 17, 2018

    You have options regarding the pursuit of a time-sensitive plan or project. To make a decision or move a plan forward, you'll need to see the yin and yang of what you're considering. It has its plus points, but the negative aspects can't be ignored. Moving forward boldly into the future is going to mean leaving the past behind. Be honest about what you know you've outgrown or must let go of before a new phase can commence. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Libra Libra - May 17, 2018

    It's probably easier to be economical with the truth rather than handle it. Your mind could be creating umpteen imaginative scenarios, but it's challenging to distinguish what's real and what's fanciful at this time. Instead of creating problems by bending reality to suit you or a certain person, keep a close eye on how you're tethered to reality at the same time. That's what needs your attention. All will be fine if you keep facts and fantasies separate. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Scorpio Scorpio - May 17, 2018

    This is one of those unusual times when words carry more clout than actions. However, just because you're able to opt for a verbal approach, it doesn't mean others will understand automatically what you say or convey, regardless of carefully you choose your words. Reiterating a point also doesn't make it understood instantly. Ensuring you're understood requires a combination of effort and patience. Conversations handled with care will be the most productive. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Sagittarius Sagittarius - May 17, 2018

    The complexity of relationship fantasies could be tricky to avoid as your mind creates some powerful fantasies. However, some visions might be better off left in the realms of fantasy but separating those worthy of pursuing is your challenge now. Trying to resolve this on your own might not be easy either, so connect with friends or family willing to be sounding boards for your dreamy dilemmas. The insight that comes to you from those willing to listen could be helpful and revealing. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Capricorn Capricorn - May 17, 2018

    You might have reached a point where a current strategy will set the tone for the weeks ahead. This might throw a separate plan off on a tangent, but it will be wise to delay a decision or making a commitment now, as this could severely limit your options further down the road. For now, stick with a plan that offers some degree of stability or predictability. You can always pursue Plan B once you're certain it's essential to do so. That might not be the case now. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Aquarius Aquarius - May 17, 2018

    You could be tempted to throw caution to the wind and focus your time and efforts on what truly interests you, rather than stick with what's mundane in the real world. The spontaneous Gemini Moon might make it extra tempting to ditch responsibilities to focus on what might result if you had a chance to throw yourself into a more inspiring or promising pursuit. The choice is yours, and your heart is the best sounding board you could want at this time. Whatever you decide, stick with it and give your all. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

  • Pisces Pisces - May 17, 2018

    Casting your mind back to a past event or episode to draw insight and apply it to the present might prove helpful, but only to a point. It's unfair and unnecessary to look closely at a similar situation in your past and believe it points the way forward in the present. Although a helpful lesson is bound to be contained in it somewhere, it's better to focus less on a past precedent. What's unfolding now requires you to connect with your intuition and imagination to draw from the present all you need to know. Ask 1 free question to a Psychic

Sagittarius - The Archer (Nov 22 - Dec 21)


Sagittarius is the ninth astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the constellation of Sagittarius. In western astrology, the sign is now no longer aligned with the constellation as a result of the precession of the equinoxes. Sagittarius is considered a "masculine", positive (extrovert) sign. It is also considered a fire sign and one of the four mutable signs. Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter. Being the ninth sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius has been associated with the astrological ninth house.

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