Sagittarius Karmic Astrology (Part 1)

Contrary to popular belief, karma doesn't necessarily mean that if you made a mistake in the past you will pay for it three folds. Sometimes, there are things no one can control. A death of a friend does not automatically mean you have a karmic debt and that you're paying for it. It could have been brought upon by a lot of other factors. Having said that, what is the purpose of studying Karmic Astrology?

Karmic Astrology is an obscure and almost obsolete art. Not every fan of astrology knows that there is a mine of information they can find out about their past lives through their birth charts. It can also help them about their present situation. Depending on what you want to know and what information you have, you may even be able to pin-point which area you lived at or what class you came from. A new born baby, for example, is perceived to possess a mind and personality that can be molded by outside factors. Although this is true because humankind is susceptible to outside influences, a person born already have their own personality inherited from their past life. It will not always be a very detailed analysis but it may help a person define their present lives. So studying ones karmic chart doesn't only give you more information about yourselves, it may also give you a clearer perspective about your purpose in life.

Although some astrologers said that everything in a person's Natal chart is karmic, there are two major things you will need to know about your birth chart before anyone could read your karma. These are the positions of the Sun and the Moon when you were born. These two define two different aspects of your life. The Sun will tell you what you need to define right now. It will help you know what you lack and need to develop or what you don't have at all that you need to achieve. The Moon, on the other hand, will help you look into your past. It may help you understand your moods and emotions as these are said to be things that could have been built up from past lives. It will also help you know what will help you nurture yourself. Obviously, knowing both Sun and Moon positions is of great help when trying to find oneself.

If the Sun is in Sagittarius, it usually indicates the said Sag is in touch with their philosophical side. They often try to seek answers to questions about life. The task would be to know what questions to ask. Sags get distracted a lot from their current projects so they should also stay focused. Other than that, these are the people who are usually in touch with their deeper side. Having the Moon in Sagittarius, on the other hand, pushes a Sag to be carefree. They are the more exploring type. They also tend to be into relationships but not the committing type. They could have been brought up with liberal views in their past lives.

Again, one must know the details of their Natal chart to find out more about their past and present lives. 


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