Libra and Pisces Compatibility

Here’s another partnership that has a huge chance to work out. These two loves the aesthetics and spend a lot of time appreciating art and culture. If there’s one major problem with these two it’s that a Pisces can be very emotional. A Pisces is very conscious of another person’s feelings and also his own. This part of their personality will make a Libra see them as very serious people, and they are. Pisces people can get lost in their own thoughts. It’s also natural for them to sometimes wallow on self pity and paranoia. Although these seem negative, they may actually draw a Libra to this zodiac. A Libra is not an expert on empathy but he is a people pleaser and he hates seeing other people down. Librans like positivity and getting negative vibes out of their way and if they see a Pisces partner seem down they will find a way to make things right; right in their own perception that is). Nothing with trying to comfort a partner of course but Librans should be careful of sounding too patronizing because this will be a huge blow to a Piscean’s ego. Other than that there will be very little things for these two to argue about and it’s nothing they can’t weather.
On another note, a Pisces can not only get lost in their own thoughts; they can also be locked in a fantasy in their head. In this case, a Libra is good for pulling his Pisces partner out of that trance and have him focus on what’s real. They won’t be too blunt and “say wake” up; rather they will be understanding and sensitive for the most part.


Librans and Pisceans make very good friends. But they can be better romantic partners. What these two should avoid is a Piscean’s tendency to be too serious. A Libra loves spontaneity and will not want to feel caged in. These two are very compatible romantically, though. A Pisces will love how a Libra expresses his intentions and show his feelings. It makes them feel very special and pleasing their partner is really a Libran’s ultimate goal. Also, both their signs exude feminine energies so they will be sensitive to each other’s needs. In arguments, these two have the ability to solve things easily. The will use their heads to be rational but make sure they use their hearts to be aware of each other’s feelings. This is connected with Libra’s being represented by the element air; and Pisces by the element water.


A Pisces normally prefers to initiate physical intimacy so a Libra should be patient and try not to be demanding. A Libra is a Cardinal sign and Pisces is Mutable. So although a Pisces likes to make initial contact it won’t stop a Libra to try to get intimate in his own way. Whatever kinky, sweet or romantic ideas they want to try out is likely to come from the Libra. This is a minor bump in the road and something a Pisces will be very much willing to let pass.

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