Libra and Capricorn Compatibility

On the forefront, it may seem these two zodiacs don’t have anything in common to make a relationship work. Unlike Air sign Libra, Capricorns are very practical and grounded. They are ruled by the Earth element after all. Capricorns are hard workers. These are people who tend to save up for the future in every way possible. Librans on the other hand throw a lot on luxurious things and spend on a whim. They let their intuition lead them. A Capricorn feels guilty for spending too much. They’d much rather have just what they need and put everything else in a bank account because only then will they feel secure about their future. Now, a Libra is known to be a lover of beauty. They would expect their partner to woo them with luxurious vacations and expensive presents. Librans are also vain and love being the center of attention. They will not appreciate how a hardworking Capricorn won’t be able to spend time with them because of work and, at times, the ambitious Capricorn would even choose not to be with them. On a positive note, Libra will fascinate Capricorn with the ability to entertain people especially if these people are those that Capricorn is trying to woo to do business with. Libra will bail, though, when it starts to become a routine.


Generally, it’s hard to make this relationship work out but there is light at the end of the tunnel, on the romantic front. Yeah Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn and this planet represents a cold and hard celestial body; but it is also masculine whereas Venus, the governing planet of Libra, is feminine. A Capricorn will have a hard time with love declarations which is what a Libra is used to. What a Libra needs to do is to be patient with Capricorn and he will be able to show his partner how to appreciate love and beauty and how to express it. Most of the times a Capricorn just need a little push before being expressive and the Libra can provide this.


If anything, these two has a huge potential to have a great sex life. Like on the romantic side, Capricorns just need a little push before coming out of their shell. When they do, Capricorn will blow a Libra in more ways than one ;-). He will have the ability the keep a Libra on the edge, fascinated and wanting for more. Capricorns are usually either shy or just naturally reserved. This relationship is usually not recommended for long term but if these two can put their differences aside or at least have a bit more patience to deal with each other’s differences they can make things work out. At best, these two will have a hot sexual relationship.

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