Libra and Aquarius Compatibility

Probably the most recommended partnership, the Libra – Aquarius partnership will be a very fun and harmonious one. They both love socializing, adventure, art, culture, and the list goes on. Aquarius and Librans are very positive people. They try to push out the negative vibes around them so expect a fun environment when around these two. On socializing, these signs are both social butterflies. They can go on from one party to another and are all out for spontaneity so if one is called on a rush the other won’t mind accompanying his partner. Their energy is unlikely to run out when together. They also both love to please and tend to go out of the way for a friend. Even if it’s not a common friend, that is. An Aquarius is a very progressive thinker. Mentally these two will get along pretty well. They also share the love of art and culture and is likely to have a lot of trips to galleries and conversations about everything that they find is important enough. No time is wasted when these two are together. In working on a project these two will be a good team and can bring out the best in each other without one taking credit from another.

Since they have a lot in common they will also find a lot of annoying things about each other but probably the biggest problem these two will encounter is that the Aquarius is a very straightforward person to the point of being blunt. A peace-loving and very diplomatic Libra will find this very such a negative trait. At first, of course, Libra won’t mind this but there will come a time an Aquarius will make a comment on something that he or she only finds truthful but the Libra will find very negative. If confronted an Aquarius might find a Libra overly sensitive. Other than that, these two will find it easy to slide past disagreements and compromise to make a good, long lasting relationship.


One thing that both signs are scared of is getting tangled in a stagnant relationship; when one or both are staying in the relationship for the sake of being in it. Both of them always try to find something that would make being together fun. Monotony is out of the question. A Libra and an Aquarius are both givers. They will try their best to understand their partner but since these two have so much in common they won’t really find themselves asking for something more than what the other is already giving. This relationship is expected to run harmoniously and is not impossible to lead to marriage.


On the sexual front, these two won’t disappoint. Both are very high in energy and can satisfy each other easily and since they’re also always looking for adventure they won’t mind trying things once or twice. Provided they have each other’s trust these two won’t have any problems with experimenting. Not that they need to experiment to keep the sexual tension going because these two will have enough to last a life time ;-).

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